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Harlem-bred rapper Azealia Banks has been one of the most buzzed about artists in the past couple of years. With her Twitter beefs, losing endorsement deals for using a gay slur, her purple hair and wild antics, she’s always a subject of hipster conversation. But in a new interview with London’s Sunday Times, she’s opening up about some pretty harrowing and dark times of her young life.

But before we share those tidbit with you, we want to draw attention to the fact that in the sub-headline of the story, the paper’s writer calls Azealia, “pops hottest ho”…… NOT OKAY!  Shame on you Sunday Times! Black women with talent and active sex lives are not hoes!!!!!


Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Read the excerpts of the interview below.

On when she knew she wanted to become a rapper:

[Azealia] would sleep with people she thought might help her to escape home and get to the top. She eventually persuaded one of her boyfriends to give a tape to the producer Diplo and, to her astonishment, he got in touch. “Of course, I thought, I’m going to take over the world,” she says. “I’m the new Lil’ Kim.” The only problem was that her raps were “sh-t”. For a long time, nobody wanted to work with her. She had to record 212 in someone’s bedroom. She made the video for $30 in a dirty top on the street. She thought nothing would come of it, but when she put the track on the internet, she got nearly 60m hits. “I was like, sh-t! I’m famous,” she shrieks. “I’m rich. I’m famous.” The first thing she did was fire everyone. “You’re fired, and you’re fired, and you’re fired,” she says. “You didn’t wanna ride with me when I didn’t have no hair weave and a dirty Mickey Mouse sweater on,” she says. “Go ahead. Kiss my ass.” She is now by far the most frightening thing in pop.


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