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(Yahoo!) - Kendrick Lamar graciously extended lost and found services to a fan Tuesday during his hour-long set for the Yahoo! On the Road mobile entertainment and innovation festival.

Near the end of his show at Cincinnati’s Bogarts theater, a female concertgoer asked him to help her find her phone.

When Kendrick asked her where the phone was located, she told him that she had thrown her cell on the stage.

"You threw your phone?” he asked before rejecting her request to come on stage. He said, “No, you can’t get it.”

Kendrick patiently looked for the phone and found it underneath his DJ’s platform.

When he asked the fan why she had thrown her phone on stage she replied, “I didn’t mean to.”

He laughed in response. "You trying to tell me your phone just flipped over here?"

Kendrick said this was the first time someone threw a mobile device on stage during his show. “Now you’re [hyped] the f—k up if a phone could fly from the audience all the way to the mother—king stage,” he said to the crowd.

During an exclusive pre-show interview with Yahoo! Music, Kendrick said he was more shocked the first time a woman threw her undergarments on stage.