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(Yahoo!) - To protest the U.S. government's policy of force-feeding Guantanamo Bay prisoners on hunger strikes, rapper Mos Def — who in early 2012 started calling himself Yasiin Bey — volunteered to be filmed undergoing the standard medical procedure being used on 44 detainees who refuse to eat.

The four-and-a-half-minute clip was shot for the U.K. news organization The Guardian by thehuman rights charity Reprieve and British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award-winner Asif Kapadia.

Mos Def starts out dressed in a dapper black slacks, a collared black shirt, a leather jacket, leather shoes with white laces, and a knit black hat. He walks towards a medical chair and a pair of spotlights and says, "Peace. My name is Yasiin Bey, and I'm here to demonstrate the standard operating procedure for force-feeding detainees at Guantanamo Bay."


The next moment, Bey's wearing an orange jumpsuit and guards are handcuffing his wrists and ankles, placing him in the chair and strapping down his arms and legs. Then, they place a belt across his forehead to prevent him from moving his head and a doctor inserts one end of a tube to a feeding syringe and starts to push the other end into the performer's right nostril. Mos Def squirms, groans, coughs, and gasps in pain. Doctors hold him down and turn his head to the side.

They push the tube past his nostrils and into his throat. Guards hold his chest down and try to force the tube past his throat and down his esophagus, but it doesn't seem to be working, so they remove the tube to try again.


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