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Fans were shocked to learn that Benzino was shot by his own nephew over the weekend and new details make this story even more perplexing.

While Benzino insists greed was to blame for the bloody battle, his nephew, Gai Scott, claims he was just defending himself from his uncle’s death threats.

“I shot at him; I was in fear for my wife and a baby. He’s been threatening my life.”

According to the Boston Globe, Benzino’s threats prompted Gai to buy a gun for his own protection. He claims the LHHA star showed him his gun and threatened to kill him verbally when he pulled up alongside his car in the funeral procession. That’s when he started shooting from his 9mm Walther pistol.

Meanwhile, Benzino seems to be enjoying the publicity his scary ordeal is bringing him and he shared some snapshots of his bullet wounds with fans on Wednesday.

“The one on the left went through the MadeMen shield and broke my bone, and still in there, the one on the right luckily just grazed my back #blessed,” he posted.

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