Kenya Moore doesn’t have any regrets about texting Phaedra Parks‘ husband, Apollo Nida. 

“I think its ridiculous to think you can never text a married person thats of the opposite sex,” she said. “I think that its appropriate if your, if your wife knows”

She and Kandi Burruss sat down with Bethenny Frankel to dish about the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on her talk show, Bethenny. 

“Yeah, it was friendly, but he initiated the text. Every single time,” said Kenya.

Kandi wasn’t buying her backstory.

“Okay, So you say,” she quipped before busting her out.

“Well, she  showed me the text, she showed me the text and I didn’t see anything to crazy. But she did say in one of the text, she said, ‘Hey babe’,”she said. Who the hell says ‘hey babe’?”

While Kenya denied the phrase at first, she quickly copped to Kandi’s claim and then tried to smooth it over.

“No, no it was an answer. It was like, ‘yes babe’. But I did use the word babe, but I didnt use the word ba-by,” she said. “Now see baby is the difference right?”

Kandi begged to differ.

“You never can text them and say “hey babe”. You can’t say that,” she said. “Can’t say that.”