Beyonce and Jay Z Nets Heat Game Post Fight

Is this the look of a  couple with marital problems?

Courtside chilling at the Nets game last night, folks cant help but to speculate about what happened to make Solange snap the way she did .. ( insert your own theory here)

I personally am a fan of her ( Solange) I think shes awesome from her music to her style and of course her lil cutie ( her adorable son)

Again not sure what happend here but Solange has gone on record to say .. she does not play when it comes to her sister .. she WILL POP OFF !!

Its also RUMORED that shortly after the fight Beyonce Tweeted ( which she never does ) this prayer

Beyonce Tweet

I don't really believe the above photo at all and with a quick search of Beyonce's twitter page you probably wont either, lol

Time will tell .. that is of course if the BEYGENCY doesnt step in and take out the person leaking this information ..

 The Begency SNL screencap

My question is HOW MUCH did TMZ pay for the Elevator Footage?!