So by now you’ve probably seen Beyonce’s latest video “Partition”

The song is steamy with the visuals to match..

But in this video..


She shares the inspiration for the came from a trip to a place called Crazy Horse that she went to with Jay-Z for his birthday Beyonce says “ I remember thinking damn these girls are fly” and wanted to re-create that for her man..

When it comes to the amount of skin being show Beyonce goes on to say:

“I was very aware of the fact I was showing my body, I was 195lbs when I gave birth, I lost 65 lbs I worked crazily  ... To get t my body back.. I wanted to show it off”


I also like what Beyonce said towards the end of the video in reference to being a mom:

“You can have a child, still have fun, have your dreams and still live for yourself”