Special-ed teacher arrested for heroin

It does “raise questions” when you bring a rifle into a JC Penney

Woman gives birth at the Yankee Stadium subway stop, turns out he’s a Mets fan

This is an actual headline: “Cross-Dressing Meth Priest Liked Sex in the Rectory”

Kind of like Reverse-Angie’s List…this website lets business name, and shame customers

Mississippi arrests school kids for anything…including farting

$5 foot-long?  Not so much

The woman who started “Dear Abby” is dead

The son of the guy who created “Barney” has been arrested for attempted murder

$4,000 gold vibrator stolen

A whole bunch of stuff from Studio 54 is going to be auctioned off tomorrow

Ok, now I’m really confused…NFL player is now saying that he met Te’o’s fake girlfriend

The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified was to preserve slavery

Lance Armstrong used a bunch of drugs to cheat at riding a bike

TSA to remove naked-image scanners from airports

The worst of the “Teen Mom” chicks is pregnant again

Crazy Crimes Committed by Cartoon Characters

Megan Fox…the poor little hot girl

Has Internet Porn Warped Male Sexuality?

Dog’s owner died two months ago, and the dog goes to the church where her service was every day