Jameis Winston Said Girls Are Supposed To Be...

NFL player, Jameis Winston spoke to elementary school students iin St. Petersburg, Florida and it's landed him in hot water.  While giving the speech to 3rd-5th graders, Winston noticed that there were a few bored students.  So he decided to stray from his speech and go off the cuff.  Then this happened..

"All my young boys, stand up. The ladies, sit down. But all my boys, stand up. We strong, right? We strong! We strong, right? All my boys, tell me one time: I can do anything I put my mind to. Now a lot of boys aren't supposed to be soft-spoken. You know what I'm saying? One day y'all are going to have a very deep voice like this [in deep voice]. One day, you'll have a very, very deep voice.

But the ladies, they're supposed to be silent, polite, gentle. My men, my men [are] supposed to be strong. I want y'all to tell me what the third rule of life is: I can do anything I put my mind to. Scream it!"

It was him saying girls are supposed to be silent.  He said he used a poor choice of words and...



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