This Pregnancy Announcement Is Epic

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A woman is getting a lot of attention for her pregnancy announcement because it's hilarious and creative!  I've seen some beautiful ones, but I love how real this photo is!  

EVICTION NOTICE: Please Note That Your "Only-Child" Status Will Expire Within 18 Weeks. You are required to VACATE the Premises as a New Tenant is Expected on June 25, 2017. -Thanks, Management aka Mommy and Da Da P.S. ISSAAA BOOOOYYYYYYY!!!! 💙💙💙

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And look at how adorbs their family is! 

All the reasons why I'm so thankful. Happy Thanksgiving from The Hortons y'all!!! 🦃❤️

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Good morning Summer Rayne 💕💕

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Can't wait to see how cute her second kid is going to come out!  In the most non-creepiest way. lol


TOP PHOTO/Sharana Horton


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