Miami-Dade Hosts 8th Annual Human Trafficking Forum

Human trafficking under the spotlight in Miami-Dade as the State Attorney hosts the 8th annual forum on how best to identify and protect victims. This year-South Florida's upcoming Super Bowl will be discussed when figuring out how best to fight sex-trafficking since it has become a big problem during the big game. Super Bowl Host Committee Chair Rodney Barreto says they are developing a plan to show people what to look for and what to do if they spot a potential victim. He says the plan will also be used in Tampa when it hosts the Super Bowl in 2021. The FBI says 169 people were nabbed in Atlanta for sex trafficking last February.

This year's theme is "Challenge What We Know". The keynote speakers are Michael Osgood, retired Deputy Chief of New York Police Department and Dr. Brook Bello , Ph.D., Survivor of Human Trafficking. They will discuss their experiences and will "Challenge What We Know" about trauma and what it does to victims of human trafficking.

The forum is being held from 1-4 p.m. today at the Miami Police Training Facility located at 350, N.W. 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida 33128.


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