Florida Congresswoman Hears Ideas On Lower Prescription Drug Prices

A roundtable was held Monday to discuss ways to lower the prices of prescription drugs.

Palm Beach County Congresswoman Lois Frankel heard from seniors who say they can't afford important medications.

Healthcare professionals spoke about how much time they spend trying to get lower prices for their patients.

Frankel gave the attendees the results of some recent research.

"Since 2006, the 100 top brands (of) prescription drugs have tripled in price. Has anybody experienced their prescription drugs tripling?"

That's when folks started putting their hands up.

Ideas were discussed on ways to make prescriptions more affordable, including one from Dr. Henry Bartos.

"My first point here is to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices."

Frankel says House Democrats have passed several bills to lower prescription drug costs, but they are stalled out in the other chamber.

"They're sitting over in the Senate under the watchful eye of the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell."

She thanked the group for sharing their thoughts and urged Floridians to contact our U.S. Senators.

Photo: Getty Images

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