Donations to Salvation Army kettles are way down.

The Salvation Army is seeing a record low for donations during the start of the Red Kettle campaign in Orlando. Collections are down by 83 percent says Captain Ken Chapman.

"This year we went from 80 kettles to 20 kettles because of COVID restrictions and lack of people going to stores," Captain Chapman said, "because so many people are shopping online."

While donations have fallen off, the demand for assistance from families in need has increased significantly.

"The need for our services is up right now 155-percent and our revenue is down right now about 60-percent, but we have faith."

Chapman says they're doing everything they can to help the community and he says this is a community where people really care about each other.

By the way,you can go to and set up your own "virtual kettle" with your family and friends.

Image courtesy Getty