LIVE CAM: Zoo Miami's On Baby Bald Eagle Watch

The bald eagle that has captured the heart of South Florida has laid another egg. Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill shared the news over the weekend. Rita laid her first egg last week.

An eagle cam was installed by Wildlife Rescue of Dade County and the Ron Magill Conservation Endowment. If all goes well, with an incubation period of approximately 33-36 days, we could see Rita's eagle hatchlings sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


On March 13th, Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill joined Wildlife Rescue of Dade County’s Lloyd Brown and Jemma Peterson to rescue a bald eagle chick that had fallen out of a nest which had been destroyed by a storm. After surgery to repair a broken wing and months of rehabilitation, the eaglet was successfully released back to the wild on August 21st. The parents of this eaglet have been a bonded pair for over a decade. Unfortunately, they have had very limited success in raising chicks due in part to the instability of the nest site that they kept returning to year after year.  

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