FL Man Pretended To Be Instagram Famous To Lure And Rape A 17-Year-Old Girl

A Florida man pretended to be Instagram famous to lure a 17 year old girl from Texas to his home in Orlando and he raped her repeatedly. His name is Richard Brown, he's 25 and he was arrested Thursday. This all happened after months of chatting on Instagram, then he allegedly paid $800 to Uber her to him. What a disgusting piece of human garbage and it breaks my heart that she felt she had to follow through. He pressured her into continuing to see him since he paid for the ride. Which to me opens the conversation about how much women are afraid to reject a man. I don't care what you agree to as a woman, as a female, as soon as you don't want to do something with a guy anymore you are allowed to do so. Please know that you are allowed to change your mind at any moment always.