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If You're Struggling With Weight Gain, Read This

I bought this dress about 3 years ago and never wore it until now for a reason. It looked terrible on me. I was 20 lbs overweight because I was literally sitting at a computer like 10-12 hours a day at work and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was eat bad and then pass out. I did this religiously. I was tired all the time, over working myself and then crying in the mirror because I hated what I saw. I had a big pudge right under my belly button and these newer and bigger “love handles” that I had never really had before. I didn’t wear jeans for YEARS bc I knew I would have to buy a bigger size and I felt I couldn’t handle it mentally. It was like I was in denial and buying a bigger size would only make it more real to me. I didn’t know how to change though. Honestly, I didn’t really believe I could. Until last year, I started to really make me a priority because while I thought I was, I really wasn’t. I’ll bullet point what I did to finally start making changes for the better with my body and mind I’m still doing to this day.

•I wrote the word “discipline” on my vision board and looked at it every day

•I told myself I DO have time to work out and meal prep (the idea of not having enough time has always been one of my crutches)

•I stopped letting myself stay at work too long

•I bought a yoga mat and took time to meditate and do beginners yoga

•I said the word “no” more to outings that I knew would make me eat bad and drink too much

•I allow myself to mess up and start over the next day

•I do one small good thing for myself daily (hair mask, face mask, stretch, etc)


There’s so much more but my point is, I don’t care if you start and then stop. Start again and again until all of a sudden you’re not stopping. 😉 💪🏼♥️

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