What 6 Months Left In The Year Mean For You

6 months left in this year! You’ve got time to start all those things you said you would in January! The year is not almost gone, you’ve got 6 more months to make things happen! One of my goals this year was to do more in the communities of SWFL. I do so on a personal level, but I wanted something bigger and I wanted to be part of an organization that speaks to me specifically. Because I know I do best when I do things from the heart. Well, thanks to another queen 👑, Marylinn Santiago who gave my name to Lynn at “Girls Going Places,” I interviewed to be a mentor to help young girls learn about financial independence and how to become a girl boss and....I got it! Truly thankful and excited! ♥️ -

So you’ve got time! Start already so that you’re closer to growing into that person you know you’re supposed to be. 😉😘🌟