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Lizzo Puts Herself Out There Admitting She's Depressed

Lizzo posted to her Instagram with the caption:

”I’m depressed and there’s no one I can talk to because there’s nothing anyone can do about it.Life hurts." Then she tweeted, I self-love so hard bc everything feels like rejection.It feels like the whole world be ghostin me sometimes.

So Immediately I’m in the comment section like Lizzo, I need names and addresses of WHO HURT YOU!?

I'm a little shocked not going to lie, because her life is on the up you know? But it goes to show you how happiness is grown from within and not bought.

BUT, it was beautiful to see so many women showing Lizzo love after her post about depression.

I’m always here for us women uplifting eachother when we’re going throught it!

THEN I see Cardi B, post a video of one of Lizzo’s performances that said “talented beast” (with a mad smoke out the nose emoji) as in like hey Lizzo, remember who tf you are?! So I hope Lizzo get’s the help she needs because inner peace is key!


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