Ashlyn Harris' Lit Instagram Stories

Ashlyn Harris is your new favorite follow. She’s on the US Women's soccer team and this girl is recording everything in her life along with the soccer team on their post win adventures. I really feel like these girls are going to make soccer more interesting. (I'm sorry soccer fans). AND let's not act like she's not super hot. She reminds me of Ruby Rose from Orange is the new black. That kind of sex appeal. I’m telling you whoo!

Anyway, yesterday she was at a pool party with a lot of the other girls, they’re popping bottles and twerking some more bumpin' Lizzo “Truth Hurts” which you know is the female anthem. Then next thing you see she’s in this 9 story yacht (looking like a snack)talking about how rich she feels and I love that she's not acting like she's used to this life. I am so happy for her getting to experience those kind of moments from all her hard work. Love her!

And here is her Instagram! :)