Here's What Will Likely Happen Because You Downloaded "Faceapp"

Face app. (The filter that is ageing everyone on your timeline) Well if you downloaded it, you just gave all your info the Russians...possibly...

And the crazy thing is more than 100,000 million people have downloaded the app And FaceApp is now the top-ranked app on the iOS App Store in 121 countries.

According to FaceApp's terms of service people still own their own "user content" (read: face), the company owns a never-ending royalty-free license to do anything they want with it and in front of whoever they wish.

So what does this mean? Like what kind of info are they stealing right? But actually you could just end up on a billboard somewhere in Moscow, but your face will most likely end up training some AI facial-recognition algorithm.

But like, now I want a random billboard of me in Moscow like how cool? Omg what if I’m their anti smoking ad because the filter on me was so realistic?!


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