Brittany's Buzz: Spell Coconut To Get An Orgasm

Ok so apparently there is a secret to achieving an O during intercourse while doing the cowgirl.

Kids go away, we are about to talk about the sex. Okay so I found this article talking about how you can achieve an orgasm while being on top, cowgirl style. They are saying you need to spell the word. Coconut.Yup! With your hips you spell the word coconut and it’s supposed to help you get that O.. Listen coconut is a long ass word, you might get a coco out of me.

A perk of doing this though is that it helps take your focus off being self-conscious about being on top or just your body. But no, it doesn't have to only be the word coconut, it can be any word. Longer or shorter. LMAO

But don’t be over achievers ladies, trying to spell metabolism, circulation and all that other bullsh*t. I'm jk. Put it on your man!

(Photo is from a cruise I went on with my bestie a long time ago. lol)


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