Brittany's Buzz: There's An Insane Amount Of Grasshoppers In Vegas RN

Okay so have you seen all the grasshoppers in Las Vegas right now? There are so many grasshoppers you can see them from space!

Flocks of grasshoppers are taking over anything that has lights and neon which is EVERYTHING IN VEGAS. Lol But, the state of Nevada is saying this is nothing to be concerned about and the reason there’s so many grasshoppers is because they had much more rain this year.

And normally I would believe that, BUT Ramo G convinced me it's the sign of a plague coming! Apparently there is this haunted museum filled with artifacts from serial killers, brutal killings and more. It's called "Zack Bagans'" (Go to the site and you'll see what I mean.) Anyway, well there's so much evil there that this has to mean it's the plague right? I'm probably over reacting, but hey that's me. So yea, this just motivated me to go live life more. Lol

*Dramatic stare and look away* I hope I'm wrong....


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