Brittany's Buzz: I Think The Government Sent Cardi B A Warning!

Cardi b has been talking politics a lot lately (but to be fair she always has even before being famous) and so much so that she recently sad down with Bernie Sanders himself to talk to him about canceling student debt, spreading climate change awareness and increasing minimum wage for workers. Well after that meeting and all the negative feedback telling her to not talk about politics, she took to her IG to say that because she is involving herself in politics that if anything happens to her, it’s the government. And she was kinda joking kinda not.

And now guess what? Cardi b just had to postpone her concert in Indiana because an unverified threat was made to her and the venue. They don’t say exactly what threat was made, BUT I think it was a warning from the government. I'm kinda joking. LOL.

But we must protect Cardi b! <3