The Cucumber Party Feat Alexis Sky Is HORRIFYING

Damnnnnnnnnnn... I'm shaking my head at this disgusting video. I can't post it because it's basically a woman have sexual intercourse with a cucumber in a crowded room/party. Apparently it was a party happening for Alexis Sky's man, and there is another woman in the video who is having two cucumber physically inserted in her lady bits! Alexis Sky was only giving oral to the cucumber, and at first I was like come on, girl, but then I found out it was for at her man's party so I can see why she was comfortable. Lol. We all wild out when we drink, but having sex with vegetable is a NEVER!

I won't post the video, but I will say it's on Twitter, so go find it yourself.

top pic via IG/Alexisskyy_