Self-Grandparenting Is The New Self-Parenting

I preach self-care as much as I can because I truly believe how imperative it is for us to grow mentally, spiritually and overall from the inside into a place of wholeness. It's not just a face mask, a hair mask or going to get your nails done, it's deeper than that. Molly Lambert is who coined the term, "self-grandparenting." Lambert said, Self-grandparenting is a form of self-care that involves simple pleasures, slow living, and a mode of mindfulness." Mindfulness is a beautiful word. It is a word that you should get to know. To be aware, is to be present and I've found that being present brings me wholeness. It's a beautiful feeling, but mindfulness isn't always beautiful. Sometimes, it's dark and uncomfortable, but when you see your way through it, (because you can) you come out on the other end better. It's a feeling. You will know because your heart will feel full and you won't be able to stop smiling. <3