Guy Kicked Out For Cheering During Murder Scenes In Movie "Joker"

A man who went to see the new “Joker” movie caused moviegoers to leave early after he was loudly cheering and applauding during murder scenes.

One person in the theater said “About halfway through when Joker started killing people and monologuing about how society is evil he started clapping really loudly and incessantly for a good minute. People started yelling for him to shut up, but he kept clapping and cheering like mad. I was scared. I’m sure a lot of other people were.”

The man continued to make loud noises during a gunfight and became aggressive when more attendees told him to stop. Another witness was sitting beside the man and said he saw him pour a full bottle of alcohol into his drink.

He was eventually escorted by security and Hood said the man was being interrogated by security outside of the theatre. Well I hope they keep him on FBI watch because this man is up to no good.


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