This Guy Invaded Rihanna's Personal Space And It Didn't End Well

Imagine being a regular guy and thinking it’s ok to just put your arm around Rihanna. You are going to love how she handled it though. Lol.

So Rihanna was hanging out backstage of Rolling Loud with ASAP Rocky and his mob right and there’s gotta be like 60 people there (don't be that person and count the room).  So they’re doing rap battles, all kind of just hanging out when one of the guys rap battling got a little comfortable and brave. He walks over to Rihanna and wraps his arm around her neck like they’re homies and Rihanna’s face quickly scrunches. She grabs his hand and almost in slow motion, as if you was squeezing his hand to unwrapped it around her and was like, yo. So then ASAP Rocky steps in and he’s like chill, chill, chill AND THEN RIHANNA TELLS THE GUY THAT HE DIDN’T RHYME WHEN HE RAPPED! Everyone fell out.  LIKE OMG sooo embarrasing!!!

Apparently everyone was trying to get close to Rihanna and she had to tell them to back up. (Warning the clip below is explicit.)