Here's All Our Fave And Not So Fave Halloween Costumes

Jhene Aiko was Ash from Pokémon. She was so adorable with Pikachu on her shoulder.

Cardi B actually disappointed me with her costume. I just feel like she was so basic going with a sexy nurse costume you can buy off the internet. But you know I love my girl!

Actress Jessica Biel who is married to Justin Timberlake, dressed as JT from N'YSYNC with the tight noodle curls and Justin Timberlake is a microphone is the best thing ever.

Kylie Jenner had her little girl Stormi dress as her for Halloween with a lavender wig, lavender feathered gown down to PERFECTION. 

Kylie and her best friend Stassi, were Britney Spears and Madonna when they performed together on stage and had that iconic kiss.

Demi Lovato was sexy Pennywise and killed it!

See all below!

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