Meghan Thee Stallion Looked Thirsty For Trey Songz

There have been a lot of rumors going on about Meghan The Stallion with different people and I just want to clear it up. 

Meghan Thee Stallion’s been linked to Tristan Thompson and Trey Songz recently. She is completely denying Tristan Thompson like she doesn’t even know him type of deny lol and I am so glad because that is not the next move sis, but she’s also not claiming Trey Songz. However, I am going to call FALSE on that one because have you seen this video of her at Trey Songz' bday party in the club?  

There’s a video where you can see her at the club all hugged up on Trey (with his perfect smile) and she is slow dancing all over him and yes she definitely showed off her strong knees in that dance she gave him. But I'm a little upset with Trey for how uninterested he seemed in her dance. Like, put some respect on my girl's knees!

Anyway, well that same night, you see a video of Meg telling the Dj to cut off a Saweetie’s song! My Type” was playing and you see her lean over the dj booth (with what looks like a bottle) and tells him to cut off the song and so the DJ cuts it right away.  

But Meghan is saying she was asking the Dj to play Trey’s song for his birthday.  She said, "stop trying to make me beef with people."

Here is Meghan quickly addressing the accusation that she cut off a Saweetie song in the name of shade.

Meghan was in the club on Trey Songz like

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