Elon Musk Ruining His Own Presentation Is 2019's Early Xmas Gift

image/ Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

Have you seen this video of Elon Musk completely ruining a major part of his presentation on the new Tesla CyberTruck? It is one of the greatest internet gifts to near the end of 2019. So it started after he had three magicians proves how strong his metal glass in the Tesla's are. (Which lmao he really had magicians involved in this, but ok Elon.) Musk had the magicians drop metal balls on top of the metal glass and the metal glass does not break. Awesome. Everything is going to plan. Except when Musk brings his lead designer for Tesla to come out on stage and test out the metal glass windows on the actual Tesla model that was there. If you guessed that the glass shatters, then you're really smart. Watch below!

I just had to throw that last one up.


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