Here's That Secret Video From Diddy's 50th Birthday

Diddy's 50th party was LIT!

Diddy’s 50th birthday party had guests like Post Malone, Naomi Campbell, Cardi B and Offset (who btw gave half a million cash to Offset for his bday) Pharell, Beyonce, Jay-z and of course Kim and Kanye! Which are definitely those invitees you love both equally but they don’t get along so you wonder which one isn’t going to show up? Well, they all showed up thankfully because it looks like Kanye and Jay are on good terms again! (see videos below) I was unimpressed with Kim's dress. She was all covered up looking blah and Kylie left her lashes at home.

My fave part of the night is this secret video of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Saweetie dancing and Jay-Z is standing near them, and some guy in the crew pulled out his phone to start recording which Jay immediately snatches the man’s phone out his hand. Kelly Rowland sees it go down and turns her head because she knows not to give it attention or Beyonce will make her disappear......Lol jk....

Anyway, overall the bday was a good night. : )

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