Kim K's Explains All The Milks in Her Refrigerator

So every now and then we get glimpses of Kim K’s humongous house that has hallways like you’re in a castle. Well she posted a photo of her with the refrigerator door open grabbing a bowl that looked like it had nothing in it. Lmao. Literally there’s nothing in the bowl, but anyway people noticed what was inside her fridge and she has four different types of milks. She also has what looks like lettuce, sparkling water, ginger ale, and the highest class water called "Essentia." Tbh I've never heard of this water so this is a new life goal of mine. By 2021 I'm drinking only Essentia. Might even bathe in it only. Anyway, she ended up responding to what her kitchen is really like and explains the four different types of milk in her fridge is because her kids all drink different milks. Below are the photos, doing more of a walk through of her kitchen and notice how she has her bowls and cups all stacked on the counter! She walk in refrigerator like at a restaurant, all organic of course, and then she ended her IG story showing us what Cher and JLo sent her. LMAO. I love Kim.