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10 Steps To Get This Soft "Natural Glam" Look I Did

I love playing with makeup and learning how to create signature day and night looks that every girl (that loves makeup) should have in their back pocket. Meaning, these are simple looks to master for the daily can't go wrong makeup look that go with any outfit as well. I'm not a professional, nor an expert, but I do want to share tips and tricks with you that I've found helpful for myself. :)

Here's what it took to create this look.

1) Prime your face! It seriously makes all the difference. I used Urban Decay's "Optical Illusion"

2) Pore eraser. not everyone needs this, but if you want a more smooth look to your skin, this is the way to go. I used Maybelline's "baby skin."

3) Foundation: MAC studio fluid fix (for really oily skin which is what I have)

4) Pink/Nude Lips: I love a pinky/peachy nude lip. I used MAC lipgloss in "please me." It's my fave lip gloss look and and Steve Laurant in "Chic" lip liner. Lining your lips is SO important to creating the perfect lip.

5) Any brow pencil, liquid or gel (but please make sure it's not too dark for your overall face) . I actually ran out of my brow pencil so I used an angled brush and my brown gel eyeliner. (I only used it for my brows, I don't recommend multi-use for anything you use on your eyes)

6) Mascara and Lashes. This is why I called it a "natural glam" because I know it's not a "natural" look. So lashes aren't necessary, but I love being and looking extra. I used "Kiss" lashes which are like $8-$12 at any drugstore.

7) Prep spray. I use MAC's "prep and prime." I love it for me because It softens my face for the setting powder which can make me too dry looking and have a matte finish.

8) Setting powder. You must set your face! If you have oily skin especially. I used Becca's "Hydra mist set and refresh powder." I would give it 4/5 stars.

9) Any highlighter that compliments your overall tone. I love golden highlighters for my skin, I used MAC's skin finish in "whisper of guilt."

10) Any shimmery nude toned palette. Gold shimmers and baby pink shimmers is what I went with. It's quick, little blending needed and boom, your eyes are brighter.

You don't have to use all these steps, but if you want to try to get down a perfect natural glam day look, try this one!

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