This New Netflix Show Is So Ridiculous It's So Good!

This new Netflix show Love is Blind, is sooo ridiculous it’s so good!

Basically, it's a dating show hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey where a bunch of girls and guys go into solo "pods" where they can't see the other person, but only have conversations until they decide which one they want to marry. Not that day ofcourse! They have a full 10 DAYS before they must move in together, and one month to get married. Lol.

So they’re each put into a pod by themselves with alcohol because how else would you enjoy the date...anyway one of the dates went straight into guessing what race the other one is and said by the sound of your voice I'm going to guess "African American."  Sigh....Yea. Throw the whole man away! You’re out!

This guy named Barnett on the show is the f-boy and has a connection with everrryyy girl on the show but then he really likes the girl named Jessica on the show and tells her he would marry her tomorrow but the other girls also think he likes them.. 

There’s this pair named Cameron and Lauren and they hit it off right away “liking” eachother and then 4 days in they’re saying I LOVE YOU and then he asks her to marry him!! She said “I feel like I’m floating” lmao

A contestant named Carlton is hitting it off with Diamond. However, he's worried about how she might react to him having dated men before. He’s dated men before…It’s called Love is blind if you wanna check it out...


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