Offset's Country Style Tuna Recipe Should Be Illegal

Offset’s country style tuna recipe cannot be real, but apparently it is and it's me. Lol.  

Offset took to his Instagram to show how he makes his tune salad, country style.

He said, "You put that sugar on that thang. Ouuu. Throw that mayo in there. Whip it up. Whip that thang up. You gon' have that sweet tuna. That s**t gon' be hittin'," saying this is THEE Best Tuna Ever."

Sweet tuna salad apparently is common here in the south, but I have never and Cardi B would never! She took to her IG Story with his tuna recipe and asked her followers whether there's anyone else who does this. "who eat they tuna like this ? Besides @offsetyrn🥴In sorry I eat mines with onion,mayo , vinegar and pepper ...This tho," she wrote on Instagram.

Everyone pretty much agreed that this was a a no. One commenter even joked that Offset is pregnant.


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