Cheating Husband Gives Wife The Corona Virus And She Still Doesn't Know

A MARRIED man in quarantine with coronavirus is panicking because he got the Corona Virus during a secret trip to Italy with his mistress!

His wife is now in self-isolation, with no idea how her husband got the 'rona!  

Here's why we know and she doesn’t, he had to confess to health coordinators how he picked up the virus following the cheating trip.

The husband told his wife he was away on a business trip in the UK, and she has no idea he visited Italy. (Does she not ask questions? lol)

So when he came back home with symptoms, his tests revealed he has Covid-19.

And now his wife has is self-isolated at their lavish home which will soon be all hers when she finds out...lmbo 

As for now, he is keeping this a secret!

That's me when I find out. :P



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