See What Celebs Are Going Crazy While Quarantining

Cardi B is running her head into Giant Jenga and Offset won't stop rolling blunts. He rolled 17 blunts back to back and was still rolling so no one knows the whole amount. They look like cigars! Lmao!

Shaquille O’Neal is taking Lysol baths and spraying Lysol straight into his mouth,

Miley Cyrus hasn’t changed out of her sweats for 5 days and says she has no plans to get out of them soon.

Lebron James can’t groom his beard own beard and his wife is cutting her own braids out. Lol!

And for the finale...Neyo, the R&B singer, that a lot of people claim is gay, (not after you see this video) has some girl in his house that is spread out on the couch one foot on the end and the other foot on the other end.... She reaches the entire couch! just chillin drinking coffee, watching tv...Yea...we know.

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