We Put Together A List Of Feel Good, Comforting Stories For You

NFL Owners, Players, and Clubs Collectively Donate Over $35 Million to COVID-19 Relief

The league's players, owners, and clubs have collectively donated more than $35 million to COVID-19 relief efforts Including Ciara's husband, Russel Willson. The Seahawks QB.

The NFL states there are 10 organizations that will benefit from the donations: The American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of 

America, CDC Foundation, Genyouth Foundation, Meals on Wheels America, Salvation Army, 

Emilia Clarke, our dragon queen from Game Of Thrones is going to Host a Virtual Dinner With Donors Who Pledge Money for Coronavirus Relief.

12 random people will get to win a virtual dinner with her. She’s asking people to donate money to her charity SameYou, which helps people heal from brain injuries and strokes. Pledges will be used to assist brain injury survivors in recuperating at home, who have been asked to leave hospitals to make room for coronavirus patients. 

This one’s just too cute. So because some towns are on lockdown, well over in North Wales, Mountain Goats Have Taken Over their Town so when they look out the window there is a gang of white mountain goats just roaming around eating people’s plants...they’re beautiful. One guy had to make the call about the goats in town and now they’ve were getting arrested. 

95-Year-Old Veteran Recovered From Coronavirus: ‘I Survived the Foxholes of Guam, I Can Get Through This Bullsh*t.”

He was a cutie too! haha pic/ Rose Ayers-Etherington/Facebook


California to Release Thousands of Prison Inmates Over COVID-19 Concerns


In California plans to prematurely release thousands of prisoners in an effort to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced the move Tuesday, stating it would expedite the transition to parole for up to 3,500 nonviolent inmates. Officials say the early releases—which will be granted over the next 60 days—will increase space within the facilities, which will allow for better social distancing practices.

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