People Are Confessing The "Poorest" Thing They Did In A Relationship

You ever feel like you pick the worst kind of people to date? You're about to feel a whole lot better. (hopefully) People are confessing the "poorest" thing they've experienced while dating a partner. Some are long term relationships and some were first dates, either way this is what people had to say.

Masika Kalaysha from LHHH dated a guy who spent "5 minutes taking all the grapes off the vine in the store so it would weigh less at the register 😩😩😩." She said, "I was in college y’all. I still liked light skin pretty fools back then. Forgive me 😂."

Another girl said, " [he] gave me his bank information and asked me to dress in all black and withdraw all his money so he can call fraud to his bank and get the money back plus what I took 😂😅."

Another user admitted, "stole the eating utensils from a restaurant after we was done eating 🥴🤢." Lmbo!

This user admitted she had to steal pants for her baby daddy. I hope she isn't with him anymore!

And this one would have set me off, a girl said when she told the new guy she was dating that she was hungry, he drove her back to her get her own food!


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