People Are Uncomfortable With The Way This Disabled Child Is Tossed

So you know the tik tok challenge “something new” where everybody lines up and does the elbow, elbow, clap, move dance. Lol. Well this "large" family from Jacksonville, Florida, who is comprised of Kim and her husband, Lee, and their eight children ranging in age from 5 to 22 did the challenge and some people were "shocked" from it. It has 1 million views ons tik tok alone.

So anyway, the family of 10, did the "Something New" TikTok challenge (which btw, it feels like a small movie trailer because there’s so many of them) Well when you finally get to the end of the line, you see the mom holding her disabled child, moving her arms for her and then tossing her out the frame and mom finishing the dance….lmao

The Whitaker family is responding saying "[Abbie] loves to be tossed just like any other child and laughs when she is just like any other child. So leave the family alone! Abbie just wanted to participate! Okay, I'm going to go watch the video again. Hilarious.