Diddy's Easter Dance-A-Thon Was Fun!

Diddy did an Easter Dance-a-thon on Instagram live and so many things happened! Lol

Diddy was with all his sons in their Easter Sunday fits wearing the pastels, orange, and Diddy dancing, hyping everyone up.

Lizzo jumped on there, she started playing some booty bouncing song with curse words, so she naturally starts rolling the booty and then Diddy and the boys had to stop the music, literally and Diddy was like woah woha woah, “It’s sunday, lets play something a little bit family friendly.” 

J. Lo danced salsa together with Diddy andddd A-Rod. A. Rod dances like a dad in the background with a beer in his hand, while J.lo and Diddy vibe.

He got Kylie and Kris Jenner on there too and thanked her for donating money for supplies. He said she was inspiration to all women so ofcourse the comments got messy. Drake got on there and did the toosie slide with everyone.

Someone said, Diddy's been live for 38 hours. Lmao 

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