Doja Cat Explains Herself After Being Accused Of Being Racist

Doja Cat is being dragged through the internet for videos surfacing of her in "racist" chatrooms and saying a racial slur as well as some questionable lyrics in an old song of her's called, "Dindu Nuffin." Which is a term used to disparage black victims of police brutality. She went on to say that the song was horribly written and she was trying to turn the meaning around. After days of confusion because even the "proof" of Doja being racist wasn't as clear as some made it seem, she responded on her IG live. (Which btw she took off her comments from her Instagram and I'm assuming because there was so much hate coming in. I really don't believe Doja Cat is racist and hates herself, but I do think it was a learning moment. Do you think she is?

Below is some of her Instagram live where she apologizes and explains herself.



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