The Rock Accepts $7 Offer To Speak At High School Graduation In Florida

This is pretty dope! The Rock is going to do a speech at a high school graduation in Pompano Beach, Florida! And it all started because of a video he posted about the murder of George Floyd and asked the question, "where is our leader?"

After seeing this video, high school senior, Lorraine asked The Rock to speak to her graduating class at Pompano Beach High School in Florida.

He responded on his Instagram reading the letter.  Lorraine wrote, “Most commencement speakers and celebrities are sought for after you complete college, but I think the time is now in your senior year when some students won’t have that luxury to attend college,” she wrote. “With the help of someone like you, you can inspire them. They deserve it now with you as their inspiration.” She also sent him $7 in the enclosed letter as a good faith donation for him. LOL so cute!

Listen to the whole story below.

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