Here Is The IG Model Saying She Gave 7 NBA Player's Oral

Yesterday there were so many things going on starting with the crazy story about the NBA bubble and that led to all these accusations toward Trey Songz...urinating on someone, sex binges, sexual assault, kidnapping…crazy stuff!

It all started on the "Nojumper" podcast with Adam 22, popular on youtube well he had Celina Powell and her friend on the show and for those who don’t know, Celina Powell is known for being passed around the industry with rappers, pretending to be pregnant, lying and so on. 

So her and her IG model friend named Aliza go on the podcast and the girl Aliza straight up just tells everyone that she gave oral to 7 NBA players for her birthday! She said she was in a hotel room intercoursing with someone already...and 7 NBA players from the Phoenix Suns all pulled up and she well yea....she said “it was lit.” so yea, So that Disney bubble ain't working...anyway...all this she says and then she goes on to say she was urinated on by Trey Songz and says to call him Trey Kelly (because obviously an R. Kelly reference.") and that every girl she knows says the same thing. 

She said Trey Songz basically held her in a hotel room all day like a sex slave. he even confiscated her phone and purse, threatening to toss it over the balcony if she tried to leave. “And that he did the same thing to Celina Powell….and Celina Powell is also saying Trey Songz forced her to do something but she didn’t specify. Trey Songz responded saying “don’t listen to a bird.” But, let’s not forget Keke Palmer, singer and actress, said Trey Songz used sexual intimidation on her at a house party one time, and I don’t have time to get into those details, so please check that part out on my previous blog. :)


top pic via IGAdam22

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