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Men With Bigger Feet Most Likely To Cheat

A study found that men with size 10 feet and above are twice as likely to cheat as men with size seven feet or smaller. Also, men with size 11 feet were found most likely to cheat.

Dating site for married people, Illicit Encounters, quizzed 2,000 men.

The poll found that men with the following size feet were the biggest cheats;

1 - Size 11 - 29 per cent

2 - Size 10 - 25 per cent

3 - Size 12 - 22 per cent

4 - Size 13 and above - 21 per cent

I find this funny because I know some women who prefer men with bigger shoe sizes. I feel like let's be honest, if someone is going to cheat, they will no matter the shoe size. Lol


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