Tyga's Ex Is Claiming He Hit Her And She's Posting Pictures

Tyga has voluntarily turned himself in to LAPD to face the allegation he got physical with his ex-girlfriend, Camaryn Swanson who's posted images of her alleged injuries. He could be charged with felony domestic violence.

Tyga was spotted on his way inside the police station, but would not answer any questions to media about what happened.

According to TMZ, sources close to Tyga say Camaryn showed up at his house around 3 AM and started acting belligerent at the door. We're told Tyga let her inside and the yelling continued.

Camaryn claims he hit her and says she has bruises to prove it, while also saying she's prepared to stand up for herself. She posted a picture of some of her marks and tagged TMZ in her Instagram story saying she no longer wants to keep it secret.

You can see the video here and photos she posted to her Instagram story here.

Please, seek help if you are going through any physical abuse. I have heard how hard it is to walk away or leave, but for the sake of your life or your children's lives, ask for help. Here is a hotline where you can have a start for you to get help.

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