Instant Karma? Man Buries Girlfriend Then Dies While Burying Her

A South Carolina man accused of strangling his girlfriend died of a heart attack while burying her in their yard.

Joseph McKinnon, 60, killed Patricia Dent, 65, inside a Trenton home on Saturday. Deputies responded to reports of “an unresponsive male lying in his yard." 

When they arrived, they found McKinnon’s body. Medical crews were called to the scene and tried to revive him but couldn't. While there, they found a second body in a freshly dug pit.

He had a “cardiac event."

“Mr. McKinnon bound her and wrapped her in trash bags before putting her in the previously dug pit,” according to the sheriff.

Dent was supposed to be at work the day she died. So sad. I hope her spirit and her loved ones get some peace.


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