Fans Think Post Malone's String Of Bad Luck Is Because He's Cursed

Post Malone has been living the real life Final Destination these past couple months! From his private jet having to make an emergency landing after it's tires blew out, to getting into a car accident weeks later, and then becoming a target for a home invasion recently! It seems like someone, or SOMETHING, is really out to get him. Where the heck did all this bad luck even come from?

Fans think that Post Malone is cursed, and that's why he's been running into all these issues. 

Apparently, a few months back Posty appeared on an episode of "Ghost Adventures", a show about a group of guys who visit overnight some of the country's most haunted places ever, and toyed around with a haunted box in a haunted museum.

Zak Bagans, star of "Ghost Adventures", told TMZ that he had removed the protective casing that was around this haunted box. When he touched the box, Post touched his shoulder, and that was enough to trigger a curse. Could this be why he's been having such bad luck lately? Could he be cursed?

Check out the video below!

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