Florida Officials Complete 'Hasty' Search For Survivors After Hurricane Ian


Photo: AFP

Nearly two days after Hurricane Ian struck Florida’s Gulf Coast, officials are continuing rescue and recovery efforts in the region’s hardest-hit areas.

After completing a "hasty" search of homes along the coast, Florida officials on Friday said they will a primary search of residences. The primary search, officials said, will be a more thorough look for those who sheltered in place during the hurricane.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that rescuers searched 3,000 homes on Thursday. Officials are still trying to track down thousands who said they were going to shelter in place. The state said that spotty cellphone service means officials are trying to locate people in person.

A number of towns, including Fort Myers, are ordering those who rode out the storm in their homes to stay at home. The City of Fort Myers reported that there were many vehicles on roadways on Thursday, making it challenging for officials.


Source: fox4now

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