City Of Fort Myers Restores Water To 50% Of People

Kitchen sink with running water

Photo: E+

Despite restoring water to about 50% of people, the city of Fort Myers admitted Monday afternoon they are behind where they would like to be.

"Yesterday, we got a little bit of water supply enough to trickle through the sinks and flush our toilets, but it's not enough to survive on and shower," said Janine Fakiris, who is a resident in downtown Fort Myers. "Just tell us what we can expect."

The cause of the delay comes back to Internet and electricity.

"We are able to really see the entire system throughout the city through the Internet, and we cannot run without the electric and the Internet," said City of Fort Myers spokesperson Liz Bello-Matthews. "So now we can actually see the system and start to identify some of the breaks that we have and some of the issues that we have throughout." MORE


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